Ajit Pai Claims Hong Kong 97 is a Top 5 GOAT Video Game

Ajit Pai absolutely loves Chinese gaming.

Ajit Pai is a man of class, said no one ever. From his net neutrality bullshit to his shit eating grin, I don’t personally know a single soul that supports him. Gaming is no exception. You may best know Hong Kong 97 from AVGN’s iconic review. Maybe you only know about it from when we released a limited edition vinyl of its horrendous soundtrack. It’s a garbage game only worthy of your attention to gaze in amazement at just how garbage it is.

Part of me wishes Ajit Pai had better taste in Chinese games. Part of me wishes he played King of Fighters 98 or one of the countless PUBG clones even. That part of me is very tiny though, I don’t want a reason to relate to this mans. I don’t see him fitting in at Lie Huo Game Centre in Shanghai in a million years. He would probably cough like a bitch waiting to get bodied by Chinese teenagers hitting random select. Scrub life.

We don’t usually judge one’s taste in video games but this can’t be excused.

That soundtrack gets old. Fast. The gameplay has zero depth and we’re not sure it ever actually ends. What more could you want from a game?

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