Alt Right Fake News is Taking Over Chinese Social Media

Breaking News: Daily Mail is a Fucking Garbage Website

What started as a legitimate news publication (maybe?) has devolved into just another British tabloid. Daily Mail is banned in Thailand much like how China blocks Western media, but it doesn’t stop there. Mid-February 2017, Wikipedia editors voted to put a sitewide ban on Daily Mail as a citation source on all entries. It was a unanimous decision for plenty of reasons:

  • Sensationalism
  • Lack of Fact Checking
  • Fabricated News Stories
  • Alt Right Political Agenda
  • Disregard for Journalistic Integrity
  • Unreliable Information on Current Events

Alt right propaganda is completely taking over Chinese social media networks

The Zuck Man himself has taken a stance against the spread of fake news on Facebook, but the same can’t be said of Chinese social network CEOs. Social messaging app, WeChat and China’s Twitter clone, Weibo are getting flooded with Daily Mail stories through networks of bot accounts and through some “legitimate” marketing accounts who profit off of getting clicks. Super ironic considering the Great Firewall of China has blocked much more innocent things in the past. Many Chinese speculate that their government is in collaboration with Daily Mail since it fits their propaganda of the Western world. Fake news, the alt-right agenda and flat out conspiracy theories are spreading rapidly in China with no signs of stopping.

Chinese tabloids are rewriting Daily Mail fake news

China is known for its copycats and news distribution is no exception. After Daily Mail stories go viral, Chinese news outlets translate it and republish it through their networks because…fuck it – easy traffic, right? This isn’t surprising at all to me since I’ve experienced it first hand. I once had a selfie embedded into an article by TIME about KFC China and it was like watching a game of telephone. TIME just said I was a customer, then a Shanghai expat site called me a food blogger, then eventually a Chinese publication said I was an internationally acclaimed food critic. It’s actually hilarious how quickly fake news spreads, but the political implications of Daily Mail’s popularity in China is troublesome to say the least.
To be clear, there are no known ties between Daily Mail and the Chinese government directly, but they are partnered with People’s Daily, a Communist Party propaganda outlet. Sohu, a popular search engine / news aggregator combo site has also been aiding the spread of Daily Mail’s garbage.

Notable Viral Fake News in China:

Man Who Leaked Hilary [Clinton]’s Emails Assassinated: Are They Killing People to Hide Information, or Is There Something Else Going On?
Obama: “If Trump is elected, then he refused to leave”
Wikileaks Proves Clinton Has Been Selling Weaponry to the Islamic State

Yingxiao Hao: Marketing Accounts that Spread Alt Right Fake News

Marketing accounts have become quite the business in China, solely existing to spread alt right fake news and Chinese nationalist propaganda. The agenda is quite clear: tear down America’s reputation and improve China’s. Marketing accounts are a new form of bullshit business – small startups that mass produce content that isn’t fact checked or just flat out lies for the clicks. They translate popular stories from Western media, add their own spin to it and don’t give a fuck about stealing copyrighted material. Language barriers aside, it’s very difficult for Western media to take legal action on marketing accounts. There are few cases where they have been shut down and this will likely be a continuing trend in coming years.

For marketing accounts, traffic is everything, and quality and truth are nothing. -Fang Kecheng, Communications Specialist

It’s kind of funny to write about this at all since our site does more or less the same thing – rewriting others’ content, improving on SEO and then blasting it through social media. The path we’re taking with our website is nearly identical – build up baseline traffic, sell advertising, then use all revenue to further grow social media presence. Many marketing accounts reach mass scale and even raise venture capital. What a time to be alive.

College Daily Raised a $1.45 Million USD Investment

For further spreading alt right fake news and profiting off of advertising. College Daily is truly the epitome of capitalism breeding scumbags and we look up to them highly. Write that clickbait and fake news, then sell advertising space. Mark our words, one day we will live off of making memes. It’s only a matter of time.
What’s truly ironic about this phenomenon is that the Chinese government passed a law where you can get 3 years in prison if your fake news gets 500+ social shares. This is coming from a government that constantly lies to its citizens, has the strictest internet censorship in the world and jails people for criticizing politicians. What bullshit. I couldn’t find examples of this law actually being enforced when writing this, so I’m willing to bet it’s just a way for them to extort money out of fake news companies in the form of monthly bribe money.

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