A Collection of LIAI Screenshots

Just LIAI screenshots from the past year!

I regret not cataloging memorable moments from LIAI sooner, but but late than never! It’s been a wild couple of years running the page and we get an insane amount of weird messages in our inbox, angry people who don’t understand satire, offers to buy the page, etc. My life has been oddly affected running a meme page, from my recommended friends making no sense to meeting fans IRL. These pictures will for the most part speak for themselves, so enjoy my (small) collection of LIAI screenshots! I plan on doing a Part 2 blog post eventually, so expect more in the future. 😉

LIAI Screenshot of the top performing post of all time.
Living in Asia Ironically’s top performing post of all time – we gained just over 15,000 page likes the week we posted this ayy


LIAI Screenshot of a post that was reported.
We’ve gotten the ZUCC several times over the past year, but this one baffled us. No one was even angry in the comments, so it’s probably a Facebook word filter that got us. Welp.


Sometimes we get just get temporary logged out of Facebook and a post is removed but they don’t tell us which one. How are we supposed to know what’s allowed or not?


Something tells me Facebook wouldn’t approve this ad.


We got so much hate mail from people with anime profile photos for this lol


We’ve inspired spin-off pages lmao


The day we thought it was all ogre smfh, we will never forsake the Zuccergod again


Just a few days passed and we were honestly shocked we came back at all.


Shoutouts to the homie Louis for this edit – and to Neo Mexico I guess


You’ll cowards aren’t even Living in Asia Ironically, what the HECC


Excuse me but what the fucc is this


My recommended friends is forever ruined.


Easily one of my fav comments in recent time, dude topped our caption


Believe it or not, there’s people who scam meme pages offering to ‘buy’ the community. They ask for editor status on the page so they can see who the admins are then brute force the admin accounts. Then they spam affiliate marketing links until it dies.

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