Tourists Excited to Experience Death in New Cremation Simulator

Chinese tourists flock to Shenzhen’s new Cremation Simulator

Do you ever think to yourself “Man, I would sure like to know what it’s like to be cremated”? Time to stop wondering, here is your chance to experience being burnt in this weird Chinese attraction. The Cremation Simulator is located in a quiet corner of The Window of the World (世界之窗) theme park in Shenzhen, China.

Simulator supposed to give you a realistic impression of being burnt after death

Everyone who considers Shanghai’s upcoming Legoland too childish might want to think about booking a ticket to Shenzhen, where a weird attraction keeps washing in tourists. While similar concepts existed in South Korea and Taiwan before, the ride at ‘The Window to the World’ was one of the first places in China to experience the feeling of cremation – a fate that is awaiting approximately every second Chinese.

Visitors first go through a ‘morgue’, before being settled into their coffins, which sit on top of a conveyor belt. The ride then takes you past (semi) scary figurines and a lightning show before ending in the grand finale – being burnt alive.

Hot air and light supposed to give you the real cremation experience

To simulate burning your (hopefully dead) body, the ride uses a combination of lightshow and 40°C hot air being blown against the visitor. People emerging from their caskets were reported to be covered in sweat and gave the ride very different reviews from ‘Quite good fun’ to ‘It was horrifying’. The attraction is supposed to satisfy the Chinese obsession with death and afterlife, both which are very important topics within Chinese culture.

After being cremated alive, visitors can choose to visit one of the many other main attractions the park has to offer.

For everyone who’s still in the mood to keep on exploring after finishing their near-death experience at the crematorium, the park offers a wide range of other attractions, with the most important ones being 130 miniature recreations of the world’s most important tourist attractions. By far the most impressive Landmark ‘The Window of the World’ has to offer is a 1/3 replica of the Eiffel Tower.

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