Fake Food in China: Don’t Let Wax Lettuce Fool You

Chinese plastic rice and gutter oil shouldn’t be your only health concerns,

As demonstrated above, this is a very commonly used technique in creating fake lettuce using hot and then cold water. First, the lettuce is shaped in hot water and then rapidly cooled to create a very realistic effect.

Fake rice made from plastic might ne a hoax.

Although plastic rice has been a seemingly real health threat, there a recent article by Snopes further investigates the claim. The top criticism of the fake rice epidemic has been that people can make more money off recycling plastic than selling fake rice, so it isn’t cost-effective for someone who’s already financially struggling. However, we have plenty of fans living in China (and we have lived in China ourselves for a number of years) and know that there are plenty of areas of China that are lacking in recycling program infrastructure. For this reason, we believe that there are a small number of fake rice producers making a buck off of scamming surrounding countries.

Gutter oil is a legitimate health concern!

Gutter oil is basically recycled oil, but the sources are absolutely disgusting. For those who are unaware, gutter oil is cooking oil that is literally refined from sewage water. It’s typically sold to street food vendors in China, since their costs matter more than restaurants. A picture speaks a thousand words so I’ll just let these 2 images do the talking:

Gutter oil is a confirmed health concerned, but not wax lettuce.
Fake food in China is the cause of much paranoia when eating out.

Chinese Fake Plastic Food: Wax Lettuce Still Unconfirmed

Snopes has yet to investigate the fake lettuce claim made with wax and our fans have given such mixed responses that we’re even not sure what to think. Some claim they’ve had the experience of digging into their food, immediately noticing and yelling at the restaurant owners. In this situation, customers are made to pay for their meal before it’s served, so the restaurant still gets paid at the end of the day. Their reputation may be at risk, but hey – it’s China. Most restaurants have had some sort of scandal – whether it’s plumbing, electrical, roaches or rats. Conversely, there are a large portion of our fans who claim that this is actually a Japanese method of creating food samples for displays, so that foot traffic can get an idea of what food is served at a restaurant while walking by. Maybe. Maybe not.

What do you think? Hoax or the real deal?

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