Fake McDonalds: The Best of Asia’s Bootleg Restaurants

Mike Wong is our favorite fake McDonalds, truly the epitome of bootleg restaurants.

Asia bootlegs everything, including well-established restaurants.

Fake McDonalds restaurants are all over Asia and they range in quality from “Why does this exist?” to “Damn, this looks delicious”.

This fake McDonalds has two extra arches and we don't know what.
OMC McDnoald’s: What’s with those extra arches?
Mac Burger is a fake McDonalds with no creativity.
Mac BURGER: Pretty straight forward, nothing special or creative here.
This fake McDonalds is located in Ningbo, China.
Yoooooo Chinese Mike got the best burgers
As burger is a fake McDonalds located in Kuala Lumpur.
As burger: They took the classic arch and turned it into an A.
McKebab is a common fake McDonalds found in the Middle East.
McKEBAB: I’d actually like to try this one out, doesn’t seem bad at all.
There's a fake McDonalds in Russia called Kolonat, but we're not sure what that means.
Kolonat: Is this Russian? I have no idea.
Chinese fake McDonalds? Possibly.
Anyone know where this bootleg restaurant is located?
McCurry is an Indian bootleg McDonalds I'd be willing to try out.
McCurry Restoran: Another I’d actually try out if I saw in person. Location?
Angkor Wat has its own fake McDonalds and it's cheap af.
Angkor Chum Burger: Digging the tiger stripes in the classic arches.
We're not sure where this fake McDonalds is located, but it's so bad it's good.
Al Donald Fast Food: Yo, they removed one of the arches?
This is my favorite fake McDonalds because they clearly don't even serve fast food.
Street food vendor McDonalds, I don’t think they even serve burgers. 7/7 Rating
The most iconic fake McDonalds: Wac Arnolds
I think someone took Dave Chappelle’s Wac Arnolds skit and made it a real thing.
Fried duck would be amazing rn
Okay, I’m not sure if McDuck / Mak Dak is a legitimate chain but sounds good to me.

If you’ve seen other fake McDonalds restaurants, drop them in the comments below!

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