Fukushima Exclusion Zone Photos: Man Sneaks in and Snaps Pictures of Town Untouched by Humans Since 2011

The Fukushima exclusion zone hasn't been looted

Fukushima exclusion zone pictures reveal it has yet to be looted

Keow Wee Loong, a 27 year old Malaysian photographer ignored the long-standing government procedures to get some truly badass photos of the abandoned Fukushima. There are strict government restrictions on the area, to prevent the spread of radiation but Keow Wee figured, “Fuck it”. After the Fukushuma nuclear strike, citizens within an 18 mile radius of the power plant site were evacuated. 6 years later, the exclusion zone is still bordered off and considered a restricted area – only accessible through government clearance.

“It feels like a real-life version of Fallout”

Wearing only a gas mask, Keow Wee decided it’d be a good idea to risk his life for some photos. He didn’t even bother to wear pants, exposing his bare skin to the heightened levels of radiation. We reached out to a handful of scientific organizations for comment on the risk he took in doing so, but received no response. From various online sources, we’ve read that radiation can simply be washed off of bear skin, but breathing it in can have long term health effects. We won’t claim to be experts on the topic, so enjoy these photos from the Fukushima exclusion zone:

An untouched video store filled with hentai

The Fukushima exclusion zone has some relatively unscathed buildings

This unopened PS2 would fetch a fortune on eBae

Unopened Playstation 2 from Fukushima exclusion zone

Reading through magazines from 2011 would be very strange

Fukushima exclusion zone book store

$20 says Keow Wee fapped to these retro porno mags

Fukushima exclusion zone pornography from 2011

What were Japanese tabloids saying before the nuclear strike?

Magazines from Fukushima exclusion zone circa 2011

Sad sight: calendars locked in at March 2011

Fukushima exclusion zone calendars

People left their laundry and just bounced

People left their laundry behind in the Fukushima exclusion zone

Grocery stores were rummaged through by wild animals

Fukushima exclusion zone grocery store

In our heads, they’re mutant animals like in Futurama

Fukushima exclusion zone grocery market in Namie

This Namie supermarket is in relatively good condition

Another Namie grocery store in the Fukushima exclusion zone

Mouthwash still sealed in its packaging

Some shops have been completely cleared out

Abandoned shop in the Fukushima exclusion zone

End of the road for this Namie trip

The Fukushima exclusion zone doesn’t exactly have strong security

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