Hayao Miyazaki on AI Animation: “I am utterly disgusted.”

“I strongly feel that this is an insult to life itself” -Miyazaki on AI Animation

Miyazaki, best known for his work as a director for animated films such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, is often compared to his idol, Walt Disney. Whimsical fantasy worlds with very memorable characters and environments that are unrivaled in the animation industry are staples of both Disney and Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki’s opinions are often revered since he’s somewhat of a hermit and doesn’t do interviews very often. This time? We’re not so sure.

My Nigga Totoro is Miyazaki's best film in our opinion.

In this case, Miyazaki was shown 3D animation created by artificial intelligence for use in the horror genre. Older zombie and horror titles from the early 3D gaming days had janky movements due to hardware restrictions and a lack of finesse. However, in recent years, that movement has been honed to a point where the scary element is sometimes lost. This movement demo showcases some particularly strange zombie movement that triggered the shit out of Miyazaki, leading him to give criticism as harsh as Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen.

Fatal Frame is a horror game that could be vastly improved by AI animation.
$20 says Miyazaki wouldn’t be able to finish a Fatal Frame title.

“I have a friend who is crippled, who can’t even give a proper high five. While knowing that, I can’t watch this and find it interesting. I think this is an insult and disgusting to humans.”

Miyazaki is missing the point of AI animation completely.

While his harsh criticisms seem to have silenced the room, it seems Miyazaki isn’t much of a forward thinker. Stuck in his ways, he can only think of the negatives instead of realizing the future role AI will have in animation. Perhaps he’s scared that AI will one day surpass his legacy in creating cartoons. The human elements of animation as an art form are unlikely to be replaced in the coming years, but maybe far off into the future. In the meantime, can he enjoy a new Silent Hill or Resident Evil title? Probably not.

Watch the video and make your own judgment on AI animations.

  • Miyazaki has an ego the size of Japan

    • Мирко Ламонт

      Miyazaki has an ego and a HEART the size of Japan

    • Thales

      I should be bigger compared to how amazing his work is.

  • King Kakarotto

    its just a VIDEO GAME !!! Let the people enjoy video games! Mr. Hayao Miyazaki.

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      No one buys videogames anymore
      Unless videogames made everyone too damn retarded already.

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