Japan’s ‘Infinite Chocolate Equation’ Continues To Baffle Scientists

Japan Infinite Chocolate equation is revolutionizing the candy industry.

Unlimited Chocolate Mystery Remains Unsolved

Japanese chocolate manufacturing is taking over.

Sorry, but no one will be able to catch up to Japan until this mystery is explained. Japanese chocolate scientists have found an innovative way to get the best of their global competitors, cutting down their costs per unit by ~4%. They’ve switched up their production methods to almost magically remove a single piece of chocolate per bar, slide the other two pieces around and the bar remains completely intact. Endless chocolate. It’s what Americans have dreamed of for decades.

In the video above, you can see the genius method displaying the Japanese ‘Infinite Chocolate Equation’. Nothing short of amazing. We’re stumped on this one.

While not a new discovery, a gif (pronounced jiff) trying to explain the equation recently went viral yet again on 2chan. For those who aren’t Japanese shitposters or complete weebs, 2chan is Japan’s version of 4chan. While only half as good as 4chan, it still remains Japan’s largest internet forum to this day.

Where does the extra piece of chocolate come from? We have no idea.

Where does the extra piece of chocolate go?
No one knows for sure where exactly it comes from, but many theories have surfaced. What is known for sure is that the extra piece of chocolate goes back into the production process, giving the Japanese chocolate industry an insane advantage in the global market. No one has fully cracked the ‘Infinite Chocolate Equation’ and we’re not sure if anyone will. Do you think you have what it takes?

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