Kit Kat Durian will be a Thailand Exclusive Limited Edition Run

Durian flavored Kit Kat will taste and smell as terrible as it sounds

Thailand has pitched 3 new flavors to rival Japan’s weirdness for the chocolate bar, but it seems durian will be the only one to reach production. Tamarind (sweet and sour) and mangosteen (sweet and tangy) wll have to wait. For whatever reason, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Thailand’s minister of Tourism and Sports, believes that this new Kit Kat flavor will give a boost to their already booming tourism sector. The absolute madman, he actually did it.

“Nestle’s marketing team will discuss with the company whether it’s possible to produce these Kit Kats because there are other factors to be considered as well.”

Hate it or love it, it’s happening. Durian is known as ‘king of the fruits’, with equal amount of fans and enemies. Its extremely foul smell is often described as sweaty feet or decay, making it banned from most forms of public transportation in Thailand. There have been countless incidents of durian stinking up entire airport terminals and train stations for example.

However, even if all 3 Thai fruit-flavored Kit Kats came into production, they’ve got a long way to go in catching up to Japan’s weirdness. They have so many off-putting and strange Kit Kat flavors that it’s spawned entire YouTube channels and blogs dedicated to them. Sushi Kit Kat and the Kit Kat Pizza are 2 of my favorites – absolutely bizarre that anyone would want either in their life.

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