Legoland Shanghai Theme Park Will Be Ready for 2022

Shanghai Legoland clearly won't focus on Chinese history.

Legoland Shanghai will be the first of its kind in glorious China!

Shanghai Daily has reported that construction of the Shanghai Legoland park will begin within the next 2 years and should be complete for launch in early 2022. It will be located in Qingpu District, near Dianshan Lake – which is already home to the Oriental Land theme park.

Shanghai Legoland is an extension of the demand created by Legoland Discovery Center

LEGO believes it will top the launch of Shanghai Disneyland

This isn’t much of a feat, however. The bar is set at its absolute lowest. The launch week of Shanghai Disneyland was a complete disaster, needing to close the park within its first 3 days of operation. Chinese tourists stormed the park and made a complete mess of it – littering, shitting on the ground (because lines at washrooms were too long) and also a string of vandalism (graffiti and destruction of property). Its opening weekend attracted the stereotypical ‘uncivilized’ Chinese tourist. After re-opening, Shanghai Disneyland invoked a 6 point guideline for park patrons in order to minimize trampling on plants, cutting in lines, littering, outdoor defecation, vandalism and spitting on the ground.

Shanghai Legoland needs to take notes from the failed launch of its Disneyland park

Legoland Shanghai thinks it can instill the art of waiting in line into Chinese culture.

While we can’t criticize their behavior, since it’s simply because of cultural differences, we can make this statement: Legoland’s launch needs to use a smaller test crowd for its opening weekend and hire more security detail. The launch weekend of Shanghai Disneyland was immensely packed. Ever been to the club when it’s way over capacity? It sucks. You can hardly move and the experience just isn’t the same. There needs to be a hard cap on the number of patrons in the park.

LEGO is already a strong brand within China

And we think the park itself will be a huge success, but the launch week(end) is what we’re pessimistic of. Hopefully they can learn from Disney’s mistakes. The demand for a Shanghai Legoland is massive and this theme park was inevitable. The largest Lego retail store on the planet is located right outside Shanghai Disneyland and there’s also the Legoland Discovery Center in Shanghai, located in Parkside Plaza. The Discovery Center is quite literally a miniature Legoland (pun intended).

Legoland Discovery Center in Shanghai is already a hot tourist attraction for the Chinese.
We’ll post updates on the park’s construction as they come.


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