Thai Laxative Trend: Puad Khee (Rose Tea)

Cha Ma True's rose tea is visually pleasing, but not much else.

“Only a couple of gulps makes my stomach run.”

Pink-colored cups of tea have gone viral in Thailand on its aesthetic value alone, both on Facebook and Instagram. Consumers have been taken completely by surprise at the rose tea’s explosive results – even going as far as accusing Cha Tra Mue of spiking the drink with powerful laxatives. Others are confused as to what ‘rose’ is supposed to taste like in the first place, similar to China’s reaction to KFC’s rose-flavored burger buns.

Alternative medicine specialist, Sudarat Chamnanna of Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital has gone on record stating that rose tea is an old laxative remedy, but not to the effects of the ever popular Cha Tra Mue’s frothy product. It shouldn’t have the strong effects reported by many and may contain chemicals that enhance the laxative effects. While we can’t say for sure if this is intentional or not, the public response has been entertaining.

“I gotta surrender! I hardly poop, but now I have gone to the toilet four times!”
“Only a couple gulps makes my stomach run. My friend said she drank the whole glass and had nothing left in her stomach.”

Rose tea is an ancient Chinese remedy.

Yes, it actually dates back that far and is not native to just old China. Pre-European North American tribes have used it as a remedy for constipation as well as menstrual pain. While many Chinese remedies are complete bullshit (or placebo effect), rose tea is well studied around the world and has legitimate merit as a laxative. There are numerous scientific studies on it across Europe and many Asian countries that have touted its effectiveness.

Rose tea dates back to ancient China.

On the other hand, the extreme laxative strength of the rose tea being sold by Cha Ma True is quite the anomaly. We reached out to them on Facebook for a comment on the story, but they chose not to respond. Yeah, we got seen-zoned. Cry everytime.

It's not clear whether intentional or not, but Cha Ma True is making a killing off its rose tea laxative.

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