After Watching Tape of Two Teachers Abuse Her Child, Woman Bursts Into Violent Rage [VIDEO]

Another day, another video of a teacher in China abusing kindergarten kids. This story came with a twist, however. The school wasn’t some rural kindergarten but an expensive bi-lingual private kindergarten in Beijing. With a cost of over 800 USD a month, you expect the staff to be of a higher standard. But when school ended for the day and one of the children told her guardian about being hit by her teachers, the parent quickly demanded to see surveillance footage. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the original surveillance footage that made this story go viral on Chinese social networks; it was the immediate aftermath of what happened next.

On the tapes you can clear see one of the teachers attempt to wake a child after their mid-day nap, only to give up and throw her back onto the bed. Later, another teacher is seen kicking a child in its seat. Upon seeing this footage, the child’s guardian flew into a violent rage and attacked the two women who had assaulted her child. The event was recorded and spread like wild-fire through the Chinternet. The guardian is seen grabbing a young teacher, pulling her to the ground by her hair and dragging her around, even going so far as to kick her in the face. Justified? Maybe. Life in China is pretty brutal enough without getting your ass handed to you by the people who are paid to take care of you.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Americans nuked the wrang country tbqhf

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