Weird English Names for Asian Women on Tinder

What’s with Asians picking such weird English names?

Weird English names for Asian people have existed since the trend of picking an English name has existed. Often used to simplify life, picking an easier to pronounce English name is not an uncommon thing for Asians. What’s truly odd is when they choose such bizarrely hilarious English names. Some of them are real words. Real words that should never be someone’s name. Others are like an odd interpretation of what a Caucasian name would sound like to an Asian-speaking person. In some cultures, weird English names are chosen simply because the phonetics resemble similar words in their home language they like.

It’s gotten to a point where Asians have such trouble picking baby names that a 16 year old girl made $60k USD running a business¬†helping Chinese people pick non-hilarious English names.

Props to our fans for sending these ones in and make sure to comment with any more you’ve seen in the comments!



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