World Leaders Reimagined As Street Fighter Characters

There has rarely been a more tumultuous political era than the one we currently find ourselves in, with world leaders being more brazen than ever in pushing their personal agendas. Everyone eager to push back, be it in Berkeley or Hungary, does so in their own way. The Hong Kong resident ‘Tik Ka from East’ has put his own twist on protest art by re-imagining the leaders of the world as brawlers in a video game and posting them on his social media page.

“Leaders, if you want to fight, just fight on your own. Do not put innocents’ lives into your selfish battle.”

This is not the first time Tik Ka has injected Eastern-influenced art into pop-culture, but with this latest series, he’s become overtly political. Being based in Hong Kong, Tik Ka can flaunt his opinions safely without fear of retribution from the Chinese government. The sad truth is that world leaders are playing a game of power at the expense of people, and placing them in a fictitious video game with black and white morals and accomplishments seems wholly appropriate.

“May peace be with us. May people love one another.”

In both title and art style, World Fighter is a tribute to Street Fighter IV

President Trump is depicted as a blunt and overweight fighter who can pack a punch.

China’s Xi Jinping is depicted as a martial arts master with a monkey for irony’s sake.

Putin is presented as a hulking muscleman instead of the flabby politician he actually is.

Jong Un is presented as a flabby man instead of the hulking muscleman he actually is.

Revolutionary Che Guevara has the advantage by bringing a knife to a fistfight.

This guy’s got a sword, surely there are rules against this.

Ghandi is a wildcard character, every input results in him sitting down and doing nothing.

Mao? Lmao.

We already have China in here twice, not sure why this one’s necessary.

Being stuck in a cave doesn’t mean you didn’t shape the world.

Saddam Hussein as the forgotten and hanged Mario Brother.

No idea who this is supposed to be.

 Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

… Jet Li? I don’t know who this is supposed to be. Imma say Asian Paul Ryan.

Is that supposed to be Merkel? Running out of ideas at this point.


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