Living in Asia Ironically

Living in Asia Ironically will soon exist as a news site gathering the strangest of the strange Asia has to offer. It will also serve as a hub for memes about Asian cultures and as a safe haven from the ZUCC.

Give me a week or so and we’ll have this bad boy up and running smooth! 😉

Thanks for all the continued support!

…and extra special thanks to the support on Patreon making this project possible! It’s barebones as possible right now but I plan on having Discord-specific channels, merch and digital downloads in the future. 🙏

Living in Asia Ironically Patreon tiers

I fully understand that not everyone (actually, just a rather small group of diehard fans) are willing to financially back LIAI, but your engagement on social media is just as impactful. The continued support is very much appreciated and I’m sure I’d have quit the meme game for good years ago without so much love.